Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Well so far I definitely have not been keeping up with the blog, seeing as this is only my second post.  But, the holidays got crazy and now I am back on track, I hope!

I opened my Etsy shop, MasiDesigns on Etsy, early November of this past year.  I'd been talking about it for a while and designing items for months - it was a lot more work to get it off the ground than I anticipated!  But in the last two months, I sold a total of 14 items, on and off Etsy, which was better than I had hoped (although I somehow didn't think about the fact that I was opening in the middle of holiday shopping season, which helped!)  And while a good number of those sales were to friends or acquaintances, I also had several outside sales - including 3 international!

I'm glad to find that there really is a market for hand knit and crochet goods, and I'm feeling motivated to build my business as much as possible over the next year.  Some of my goals include:

 - Expand the number of items, variety of items, and quality of items I sell
 - Build up an inventory to do craft shows around Chicago
 - Get business cards made (soon!) and work on marketing
 - Increase revenue!

Now that the holidays have calmed down, I need to crack down and do some work on the technical side of things (not my favorite, I'd rather just create and have someone else edit my photos and website!) but I have a big help now - my boyfriend Ryan and both of our parents got me a new camera for Christmas, which is going to REALLY help - my pictures were really dark and blurry before and over-editing just made them grainier.  Check out a new photo from the camera:

Now Ryan looks even more like a model than before! :)

I'm off to work on a line of Valentine's Day items and finish up a baby blanket I've been commissioned to make - check back later this week for another update (I promise!)

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