Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Wizarding Knits of Harry Potter

Ryan's sister-in-law comissioned me to make her a Gryffindor scarf - she and her husband live and work in Disney World resorts in Orlando, FL and she is a huge Harry Potter fan!

Unfortunately this photo isn't too great of the details (I had already shipped it off before taking a closer look at my shots, duh) but I went with a ribbed scarf about 6" wide and 65" in length.  I normally prefer slightly thinner/longer scarves, but I was going for accuracy so I went with a wider style.  Most of the patterns I found online were actually knit in the round and seamed along the edges, but I thought that would be too heavy (especially in Florida) so I just added a simple crochet border to make it look nicer.

Apparently the style of the house scarves in the movies changed from the earlier to the most recent as you can see:

Here is the earlier style with the alternating wider stripes

And the more recent with thinner stripes and a deeper red, almost plum color

We went with the original colors but the new style so that the palette would match the robe that she has, and then I added fringe at a length kind of in between the two.

I am hoping to create a line of Harry Potter scarves for the 4 houses to list on my Etsy site, but first I will probably adjust the pattern a little - possibly a lighter weight yarn to start. Keep an eye out for them in the (somewhat but probably not too) near future!

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