Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Special Olympics Scarf Project

I've been a little crazy trying to keep up lately, but I finally finished 3 scarves to donate to the 2011 Special Olympics Scarf Project for Illinois.  Here they are:

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, but I realized too late that I really wasn't supposed to use any white - the official game colors are blue and turquoise and they had pretty strict guidelines for the project for uniformity's sake.  Oh, well, hopefully it will still keep someone warm.

I found out about the project from Ryan's aunt, who is a fantastic crocheter (she made us a BEAUTIFUL blanket last year!)  but I was in the middle of opening my Etsy shop at the time so I only had time for three.  I'm hoping to do more for next year; they announce the 2012 colors and guidelines in April, so I'll have plenty of time.  It seemed as of this weekend that a lot of the states were pretty far from their goals (in order for all the athletes/volunteers/families to get one) so the more, the better!

I also have been playing around with my new camera and have learned a few things about the macro setting, white balance and the focus, so my shots are getting a little better.  Here's a cool one I took last night for practice:

It's kind of a silly picture but I was practicing having the object in focus and the background blurred, first time I accomplished it successfully.  Now I need to put it into play with my items this weekend.  That's the hard thing about winter, there's only daylight when I'm at work so all my photography has to be on the weekend!

Also on the agenda this weekend: BUSINESS CARDS.  I think I found a site to print them for me for a reasonable price, I just have to design them first.

Also, I will be going to my first meeting this Saturday for the Chicago Style Crafters, which I'm really excited about.  They are a community group on Etsy with all Chicago sellers, and we will be meeting downtown about crafting, I guess!  They've recently had a large influx of members, so it should be exciting.  I also will hopefully get some more advice on area craft shows which is my next big step.

Until next time!


  1. I really like the scarf with the squares! And that's a good photo (measuring tape). What sort of camera do you have? I need to start working on my photography so I can have more photos with each listing, and for the blog, for giveaways, etc.

    I also can only take pics on the weekend. Can't wait for summer when I can get a few shots in before work if I need to - even after work sometimes!

    I'm so excited for our meeting, I think it will be great. It's going to be a whole lot of just figuring out who wants to do what, but eventually I think we'll get organized. I'm so thankful that so many new members have joined and seem ready to jump in and get things started - we really need that!

  2. The camera I have is a Panasonic Lumix, 14.1 megapixels. It's a point and shoot camera but I'm finding that it does a lot more and takes sharper images than the camera I have before, which was a Panasonic Colorpix, only 7.1 megapixels. I don't know too much about cameras, but I know the pictures look better! Now I just need to get better at actually taking them, haha.

    I'm excited for the meeting too - I'm really interested in collaborating with others and learning more about how to get involved in Chicago, it's just hard to know where to start. Should be fun!