Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love is in the air....

Here is a sampling from what I'm calling my "Valentine's Day Collection".  I am still working on a few more coffee cozies in a different pattern, but orders have gotten in the way this week so I'm hoping to have them up by this weekend.  You can see what I have so far on my Etsy site:
Valentine's Day Collection at MasiDesigns on Etsy

The biggest complaint I have about trying to run a crafting business is that there are not enough hours in the day!!!  I do work a 40 hr a week job, but even with the majority of my early mornings/evenings/weekends taken up by knitting, marketing and shipping, I still can't accomplish half of the projects I set out for.  I think I have to realize that for now it will be a slow (but hopefully steady) build.  The Etsy shops I envy and admire were likely not built overnight, after all!

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for some exciting projects that will hopefully be completed, including a baby blanket, customized headband/scarf set, and a few scarves I will be donating to the 2011 Illinois Special Olympics.


  1. I started my shop because of V-day knitted cozies! :) I learned to knit in Fall '08, and V-day '09 I made some cozies for my co-workers. I really wanted to make them some for Christmas but didn't get anything together in time. So they got some red/pink/grey/black ones. Mainly stripes. I love your hearts!!

    I originally planned to just do knitted cozies, I have a notebook of grid paper full of the designs I drew out. I wanted to do lots of stuff like trees, flowers, etc. I think I was a little too ambitious . . . then when shopping for yarn I kept seeing fabric and fell in love with it. And I get more instant gratification with fabric, so my shop is mostly sewn stuff. I do want to try to get back into the knitting ideas I had, though.

    I love your stuff!

  2. That's so awesome! When I saw all of the cozies in your shop too I thought that was pretty funny. I love yours, they're much slimmer like a cardboard cozy and the fact that they're so easily removable is a huge plus.

    I got the idea to do knitted cozies shortly after I opened my shop in November of 2010, I was looking for something small (kept reading about the benefits of having a range of prices in our products) and stumbled on them. I have been coming up with a lot of different designs too to try and have themes throughout the year, but the hardest part is that I am not great at fair isle knitting! I use swiss darning for all of the graphic patterns but the hearts are done in fair isle and they have been hard enough, haha. They are a work in progress for sure!