Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chloe's Blanket

This was definitely the biggest project I tackled since opening the shop!  I have made a couple of baby and regular blankets in the past, but this takes the cake, if I do say so myself.

Ryan's mom had asked me to make the blanket for her friend and coworker who just had a baby girl, Chloe, in December.  The theme of her room is bumblebees - I initially started looking for a pattern that would incorporate bees but then I found this pattern on the blog Sassy Does It, and it was way too cute for me to resist!  The blogger adapted the pattern from a Japanese pattern, and I worked off of her pattern making my own adjustments.  I used the richer yellow instead of a baby yellow per Ryan's mom's request, and to go better with the bumblebee theme.  This was the first blanket I have knit instead of crocheted, so it was a little tedious but came out looking pretty sharp.

Here is a picture of the blanket completed and being blocked:

It measures approximately 48"x50" which was WAY bigger than I intended (I used a ton of pins to block it...) but it has a lot of stretch and I knit kind of loose.  Hopefully this way Chloe can use it through childhood - it should fit a twin bed pretty nicely.

It looks like she's enjoying it so far:

And here is a picture of Chloe in the raspberry hat her mom ordered from my Etsy Shop (she was my first sale!):
Too cute, huh?

On the agenda for the rest of the week and weekend:

Finish a custom scarf order (2/3 done)
FINISH DESIGNING MY BUSINESS CARDS (I've been talking about it long enough...1/2 done!)
Finish designing/start working on a new line of scarves (stay tuned for pics soonish)

Better get working!

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