Thursday, February 10, 2011

And they're first business cards!

I just received my first set of business cards courtesy of Moo Cards, a printing website that came highly recommended in the Etsy forums that I checked out for tips.  They were a little expensive, but I only ordered 100, and they are 'mini-cards', or half business cards, which were cheaper (and cuter!). 

I designed the logo myself, which I think is fine for now.  I'd ideally like something a little more modern and polished, but for that I'll need help because I am no artist!  I'm planning on outsourcing for some assistance to brand my business and merchandise, but that will have to come down the line once I expand a little more, and become more profitable.

The reverse sides are 6 photos of my tools/products.  The reasons I went with Moo Cards is because I read the quality is fantastic, which is definitely true!  The pictures are clear and the paper is a heavy cardstock, really nice.

I'm going to be a little judicious with giving out my cards for now since I didn't order a lot, but it will be nice to be able to hand someone a card if they ask about my business, drop a couple at local stores or coffee shops, and for upcoming craft shows (waiting to hear if I got into one in March...keep your fingers crossed!)

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