Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 1: Knit Headbands

Now that I'm gearing up for the Urban Folk Circuit March 19th show, I've set a schedule for myself in the hopes of reaching 100 items to have at my table.  I already have several scarves and a couple of items in my other products made, but only about 30 items total.  So week 1 of 4 before the show was dedicated to my knit headbands/earwarmers.

They are still unfinished in this shot - I took this on Saturday and finished with the embellishments on Sunday.  I basically took over the living room working on them though - good thing Ryan was in rehearsals almost all weekend!

Although, our living room almost always looks like this these days.  A one-bedroom apartment is not quite enough room sometimes for two people living and often working at home!  Do you have an extra room, studio or designated space for your hobby or business?

I haven't had a chance to photograph the finished headbands yet (I'll be listing them in my Etsy shop as made-to-order items) but hopefully this coming weekend if not before.

This week is baby hats - it's been a little slow of a start as I continue to run into sizing issues (it's a little difficult without having a baby to test on, numbers on paper just doesn't always work out somehow) but I've narrowed the styles I will have at the show from 5 to 2, and am just making a variety of sizes and colors.  I kind of figured that would happen, anyway.

Stay tuned for strawberry and heart baby hats - suggestions welcome on color combos for my heart hats!  I'm only at pink/red and aqua/blue so far.


  1. Love the headbands and all the photos, really! So colorful. :)

    I forget, is this your first show?

    I have a 2'x4' table in my kitchen. Sewing machine on top, a couple bins underneath, mail and homework and jackets all over it until it's time to sew. :) Plus random bags of fabric & yarn upstairs in my bedroom. I dream of a tiny room just for crafting. Even a little nook!

  2. Thank you! This is my first show so I really had no inventory to speak of...I'm hoping in the future it will be more supplementing and adding new products...although if I sold everything that would be great, haha!

    It seems like a lot of us don't have adequate space for crafting! I'd love to have a room some day for it - a cool idea I saw in a magazine is using a large closet and fitting it with a table/desk. It would at least be a work surface and storage out of sight when you want it to be!

  3. Your headbands look great, and creating 100 pieces is a big goal. I am sure you will everything you want done before your show, I know I always work best when I am under pressure.

    Good luck at your first show I hope you sell everything too!

    I am lucky to have a good size space for my studio, but it's not a finished space, it's always cold, and I have to share it with my washer and dryer. I am still happy to have the space.