Sunday, April 17, 2011


After a long hiatus (I am not so hot at this blogging thing!) I am back.  I'll do a small sum up of the past few weeks:

As of my last post, I was hard at work preparing for the Urban Folk Circuit craft show at the Abbey Pub in mid-March.  After a few weeks of prep and a little work on my logo/displays, I did the show, and I think it was a success!  These picture is kind of dark, but an idea of what my booth looked like:

Urban Folk Circuit at Abbey Pub, 03/19/2011

I brought my headband/earwarmers, scarves, strawberry baby hats, coffee cozies, and a small selection of fiber jewelry/spring headbands.  I was pretty happy with the day overall - made several sales and had a good deal of interest, which is all I could have asked for!  Definitely had too much fall/winter merchandise which I thought would happen - which brings me to my latest projects!

I have been working on more spring/summer floral headbands and accessories, as they seemed to get the most interest at the show.  Here are a few examples:

I have a lot more still in process - I've been fooling around with different designs, and have been working mostly assembly line style, so I have a lot of loose pieces still to be assembled.  My hope is to have a lot ready for a photo shoot next weekend to updated my Etsy, which brings me to my next thing...

If you take a look at my Etsy site, you'll notice 2 lovely models gracing the page.  Two of my girlfriends offered to model for me, and the photos came out great!  I will slowly be replacing all the photos on my site, as the items I've already updated with fresh photos have gotten a lot more traffic.

My favorite tools to keep an eye on traffic and trends on my site are Google Analytics, which you can link to any site to get very detailed specs on site usage, and Craft Cult, which is specifically designed to track Etsy.  I would definitely recommend both for all Etsy shop owners!

I have two more shows coming up in the next couple of months: Urban Folk Circuit at Quenchers Saloon on May 21st, and Green Music Fest, where I'll be sharing a tent with 2 other crafters on June 25th.  Until then, I'll be hard at work on my new spring/summer items.  I can't wait!

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